Philippe Medawar’s business philosophy mirrors that of his father
and is the driving force behind his jewelry store:
“We exist to glorify God by faithfully serving this community.”
And that, Philippe Medawar says, has been his privilege for the past 40 years.
Philippe Medawar


Philippe Medawar is unique in the fine jewelry and watch marketplace, in part, because it's a family-owned, small business by design, not a conglomerate, chain, or e-commerce driven company. Maintaining extreme quality control in every facet of business and protecting creative freedom as exemplified by the independent spirit of Philippe Medawar is of paramount importance to the company.

Philippe Medawar's unique, one-of-a-kind pieces are known as "Gravity-Defying" and "Wearable Art" by international jewelry connoisseurs. Generations of loyal clientele applaud the unique philosophy and autonomy of Philippe Medawar which exemplifies the company’s foundational values.



Philippe Medawar

A rarity in the disposable culture in which we live today, U.S. patent holder Philippe Medawar epitomizes the proverbial “needle in a haystack”, by guiding an old-world company – where doing business is still considered a pleasure – in unison with cutting edge, trendsetting design and service. Utilizing skills first learned and honed under the tutelage of his father, Philippe Medawar passionately brings a rare blend of artisanal vision and technical expertise that defines his brand. 



Emanating from the foundational value of an excellence-driven work ethic, Philippe Medawar has earned a stellar reputation as a gifted artisan, passionately committed to his craft and the protection of his clients' trust. Philippe Medawar is a guardian on his clients' behalf, always performing all client services safely in-house. Because Philippe Medawar expertly designs, repairs, restores and redesigns clients’ fine jewelry and watches, heirs will inherit not only the physical expression of their family legacy, but will also increase in appreciation for their family members that sacrificially invested in the next generation.  



Ancient Columns in Lebanon

Inspired by the intricacies of God’s beautiful creation and the ancient Phoenician backdrop of the Greco-Roman architecture in which he was raised, Philippe Medawar’s approach to design is an utterly unique interpretation of jewelry as sculpture. Mr. Medawar is a visionary that says “not all art hangs on walls” and is famous for his comfortable, practical and minimalistic designs that are timeless in their appeal and celebrate the élan of the individuals who wear them.



The Philippe Medawar team considers it an honor to assist clients as they commemorate important life events with expressions of fine jewelry and watches that are as memorable and cherished as the events themselves. The rare components of Philippe Medawar fine jewelry and watches have great material value, but when given as a symbol of affection or to celebrate a special event such as a birth, engagement, wedding, anniversary, retirement… the unique symbol rendered in noble metals and precious gemstones becomes an irreplaceable treasure that will illicit the same celebratory spirit each time it’s enjoyed by the wearer.



Chakib Medawar

In 1973, Philippe Medawar immigrated to the U.S. from war-torn Lebanon. The unrest in his beloved homeland, that was once called “The Paris of the Middle East,” though deeply grievous, increases Mr. Medawar’s gratitude for the peace he enjoys as a naturalized citizen of the United States of America. Mr. Medawar is proud to be a member of the West Michigan community and is grateful to God, his family, his dedicated staff and loyal clientele, many of whom he now has the privilege of serving successive generations. Mr. Medawar is also grateful to his late father, Chakib Medawar, for teaching him to love the Lord Jesus Christ and equipping him as a curator to a great family heritage.