What items do you already have in your jewelry wardrobe?

Imagine the disappointment when given a jewelry item that is a duplicate! This avoidable faux pas conveys quite the opposite message than the giver intended. Never fear, we have a tried-and-true solution...

Jewelry Box

When jewelry remains in the bureau or safety deposit box, its purpose and value is diminished. Many women confess that when given jewelry they know they’ll never wear, they won’t divulge the truth and risk hurting his feelings. These impulsive jewelry purchases also potentially convey negative connotations about the giver, “you’re inattentive, you waited until the last minute, you don’t care about what’s important to me…” Philippe Medawar doesn’t want any client to give a gift that isn’t appreciated. The truth is, no one wants to invest in jewelry and have it never worn and enjoyed. The Philippe Medawar team cares deeply about their clients and; subsequently, created The Philippe Medawar Gift Registry.

The Philippe Medawar Gift Registry is an indispensable tool that eliminates guesswork and anxiety for the jewelry purchaser while also eliminating disappointment for the recipient. Having loved one’s personal information at your disposal removes the stress of uncertainty… will she like it?…will it fit?…does she already own something similar? So much better than randomly choosing gifts is ensuring the recipient receives exactly what they’ve chosen. All it takes is a few minutes with the help of a Philippe Medawar staff member to record what clients already own (all information is strictly confidential) so that duplicates will be a thing of the past. Next, the client’s favorite jewelry items and watches are recorded so the purchaser may choose from a sparkling assortment of foolproof gifts. We also record preferences and sizes and inquire about profession and lifestyle, so that it's a perfect fit in every way. 

What is your profession?

It's common for the staff at Philippe Medawar to hear new clients complain how they’re unable to enjoy their wedding rings because it's dangerous to wear them at work. Because wedding rings are meant to be worn daily as a symbol of devotion, the designer or salesperson has failed if it doesn’t fit with one’s profession. Philippe Medawar is committed to guiding clients to jewelry designs that make sense functionally for their unique work environment while also meeting the individual’s aesthetic sensibilities. 

Philippe Medawar serves many clients in the health profession who no longer have to worry about going ringless or buying a plain band different than their wedding set. Surgeons and nurses will want to choose durable gemstones and low-profile mountings without prongs so rubber gloves won't catch/tear and patients won't get cut. Parenting, the most important profession, also requires unique Philippe Medawar jewelry choices that won’t endanger the caregiver or the child. We suggest those in corporate, high-level management positions wear jewelry and timepieces that are more understated at the office to help convey quiet confidence. Clients in the I.T. workplace have unique jewelry needs as well; especially, when choosing rings, bracelets and watches that won't impede movement on computer keyboards. When traveling for business in another culture, jewelry choices can communicate what could potentially undermine your professional intent and subvert your message entirely. Philippe Medawar’s au courant, multi-lingual staff will advise clients wishing to convey a professional image to make jewelry choices most appropriate for their specific environment or culture in which they’re working.

Others who enjoy more freedom of expression in their professional wardrobe should inquire about Philippe Medawar's new jewelry collections or make an appointment for Jewelry Design at their convenience. Clients may consult with Philippe Medawar’s knowledgeable staff at 5930 28th Street, just southeast of Grand Rapids, Michigan, or telephone/email for an appointment to discuss individual needs.

What is your lifestyle?

Philippe Medawar cares that your jewelry investments correspond with what's most important during this season of your life, whether that's family, hobbies or pursuits. Before investing in your jewelry wardrobe, the knowledgeable staff at Philippe Medawar will encourage you to make purchases based on your lifestyle. Clients can make an appointment to discuss how Philippe Medawar Jewelry Services can guide you by enhancing your approach to jewelry purchases and thereby transforming your jewelry wardrobe so that it perfectly complements you.

Birthstone Chart for Mothers' Jewelry

Children are a blessing, and commemorating their birth with jewelry is the perfect way to say, "you’re loved and appreciated." Clients may choose gifts for mothers that are from the Philippe Medawar “Mother’s Collection” that showcase children’s and grandchildren’s glittering birthstones set in the floating or bezel style. Because Philippe Medawar’s eldest child was cut on a family member’s prong-set ring when not yet 24 hours old, he is passionate about providing jewelry that is as comfortable for mother and child as it is beautiful. It is a pleasure to guide clients to jewelry choices in the Cascade showroom that will perfectly celebrate their individual needs at this particular time of life. Or, make an appointment for a Philippe Medawar Jewelry Redesign consultation, to discuss redesigning prong-set jewelry into family-friendly alternatives that celebrate the art of caregiving.

If you're an equestrian, consider that certain setting styles are potentially dangerous for you and your handsome mount. Whether tacking-up for a pleasure ride or for a competition, please leave prong-set and dangling jewelry items safely at home. Philippe Medawar’s knowledgeable staff looks forward to guiding you to screw-back diamond earrings and low-profile rings that will slip comfortably inside your leather riding gloves. Philippe Medawar reminds those competing in Hunter Jumper or Dressage events to purchase an understated brooch for their lapel; whereas, Western competitors are encouraged to sport sparkly, diamond everything.

It’s regatta season somewhere in the world, but before embarking on your next adventure or heading for warmer waters, please consider how earring backs can potentially get lost and clasps sometimes fail. Because the expert staff at Philippe Medawar knows the ropes, they guide marine devotees on the safest jewelry choices. Equally utilitarian and beautiful, Philippe Medawar recommends that clients invest in jewelry such as a Rolex Yacht-Master wristwatch and diamond earring studs with screw-back posts that will take skipper and sailors safely from aboard ship to dinner in the finest port of call. Clients are cautioned that some jewelry and gemstones require tender care and shouldn’t be exposed to salt water or direct sunlight. Those with inquiries may make an appointment to consult with a gem expert at Philippe Medawar on 28th Street in Cascade. Whether lazily cruising the islands or racing for the lead in America’s Cup, visit Philippe Medawar’s showroom to launch your yachting/travel season in style.

What are your preferences?

Most of us have distinct aesthetic jewelry preferences. Because jewelry evokes memories and emotions, it’s important that the choice is made with care. Philippe Medawar suggests clients consider specific questions that will help them choose items that will complement their jewelry wardrobe.

The Philippe Medawar Gift Registry records clients’ jewelry preferences to enable purchasers to choose the perfect gift. Does she prefer dangle earrings or does she only like studs? Does he prefer metal or leather watch straps? One of our London clients does not want red anything! Another client wished we could wave a magic wand over her old yellow gold jewelry and change it into platinum (her husband made her a Jewelry Redesign appointment and she was thrilled). We’ve had clients panic because they can’t remember whether or not their wife has pierced ears. One client shared that the worst gift she’s ever received from her husband was auto detailing. Another laughingly complained that her husband had once made the grievous error of buying her a kitchen appliance for their wedding anniversary. Philippe Medawar’s expert staff discreetly guides clients, based upon confidential information recorded in The Philippe Medawar Gift Registry, so that the only tears shed on their special day are tears of joy. When clients choose the perfect gift from Philippe Medawar’s glittering showroom, it speaks volumes to the recipient, “I’m listening...I’m attentive to your preferences...You’re worth it...You are loved.”

What are your sizes?


This question causes many potential jewelry givers to tremble... and it should. Imagine the disappointment when given jewelry that doesn’t fit and the ensuing embarrassment it could cause. Don’t worry, The Philippe Medawar Gift Registry records your loved one's sizes to ensure that every jewelry purchase is a perfect fit.

We’ve all been there, the wedding guests hold their collective breath and wait expectantly as the groom nervously struggles to slip the bride's wedding ring on her trembling finger and it…won’t…fit. Or, the fiftieth wedding anniversary party guests watch as the proud husband encircles his glowing bride’s neck with a diamond necklace that fits tightly like a choker, not as it was intended…

Philippe Medawar clients avoid fit issues by benefitting from the expert guidance of knowledgeable staff that have access to finger, wrist and neck sizes. The Philippe Medawar Gift Registry allows you to confidently give jewelry without worrying whether or not it will fit properly.

Gemstone Characteristics?

When investing in jewelry it is paramount that gemstone characteristics are understood. If choosing an item to be worn daily, Philippe Medawar recommends clients choose from gemstones that will withstand every day wear and tear.

A client from South Africa shared that her fiancé asked her to choose a wedding ring from a reputable Johannesburg jewelry store. The salesman offered her three different ring styles, each featuring a valuable gemstone: ruby, sapphire or emerald. Because she was born in May, she chose the sumptuous green emerald and diamond ring. Unfortunately, the salesman didn’t explain to her that emeralds require special care. In the ensuing years, she’s had myriad issues with her ring, which is why she brought it to the 28th Street atelier for Jewelry Repair Services. One’s wedding ring ought to evoke feelings of joy, not grief. The staff at Philippe Medawar regrets that she had to endure what is avoidable when proper gem disclosures are made. Of the client’s three gemstone choices, ruby and sapphire – which are the same mineral, corundum – would have been the better choice because corundum is the most durable colored gemstone.

Another client asked Philippe Medawar to design and create a cultured pearl promise ring for his girlfriend. After inquiring about her lifestyle and if she’d want to wear the ring every day, Philippe Medawar guided the client to a more appropriate choice – a small diamond set in white gold. Diamond is the hardest gem and an excellent choice for everyday wear. The client didn’t know that pearl’s organic origins make it a fragile gem that requires tender care, especially when set in a ring.

The knowledgeable staff at Philippe Medawar cares very much for their clients and welcomes inquiries regarding Gift Registry.