Watch Repair

Watch repair is an exacting, delicate process requiring uncommon equipment and an experienced, extensively trained watchmaker. Philippe Medawar is a Swiss watchmaker with over 40 years experience servicing watch brands including Rolex, Omega and Tag Heuer, among others. Whether your favorite watch is in need of a new battery or a more extensive restoration, expert watchmakers who are dedicated to the preservation of timepieces will carefully service it. Please note that each watch's repair needs are unique to its age, condition, how it’s been maintained, how it's worn, the climate in which it's worn, etc. When put in Philippe Medawar's expert hands, your watch won’t be shipped abroad or across town to a trade shop, all services are performed expertly in-house at 5930 28th Street SE Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Watch Repair
Watch Maintenance

Watch Maintenance

The type of watch, its age and how it's worn are all variants that determine how often the watch should be serviced. It is essential to have one’s quartz and mechanical watches serviced every three to five years (antique and non-waterproof watches every three years), to ensure proper functioning and to protect your investment. Dry oil, broken gaskets and leaky batteries can cause costly damage inside a watch movement, which is why it’s vital to regularly service your timepiece. 

After a watch has been fully serviced, it will be entered into the Philippe Medawar Watch Maintenance Program that provides the client with maintenance reminders every three, four or five years depending on the type of watch, its age and its overall condition. Watch Maintenance Services are guaranteed for one year, excluding rust and broken parts.

Watch Care

Our ancestors understood that high-grade watches are an asset for the future. Whether you’ve made a costly investment in a luxury timepiece or you’ve inherited a sentimental heirloom, it’s vital to maintain and care for it to ensure proper functioning. With over 40 years experience servicing and restoring all types and brands of timepieces – wristwatches, pocket watches and clocks – Philippe Medawar is a Swiss watchmaker passionate about helping clients protect their investment.

For valuable care information regarding your timepiece, click below. Those clients with additional inquiries may call for an appointment or stop by the 28th Street showroom in Grand Rapids where Philippe Medawar staff will happily answer all your watch care concerns.

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Care for your watch with a watch winder
"Last May in anticipation of my son coming home from California, I noticed the watch he had given me for my birthday had a dead battery. I stopped in at Medawar’s on 28th Street to get a new battery. Philippe and his wife were most cordial and when they heard the story of my son coming, refused payment for the battery. I was very surprised by their kindness and promised I would be back."
"An amazing professional - they restored my Rolex in a timely fashion and at a fair price - Philippe Medawar is a jeweler I trust!"
"I wanted to thank you for the beautiful work you did with my watch. I absolutely love the new band. It was the perfect choice! Thanks again!"
"I recently had my watch serviced by Philippe, and got the opportunity to watch him work. It was amazing to see the level of detail and knowledge that he has as a Master Swiss watchmaker, and the timepiece has been working perfectly since then. Thanks!"
"Thank you for assisting me with my Patek Philippe watch. After almost two years of owning this and I’m finally wearing it."