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Some designers create for their own fulfillment as artists, but Philippe Medawar takes pride in designing jewelry exclusively for his clients. Philippe Medawar Collections are the perfect accompaniment to one’s purposeful life, whether journeying toward a crossroads like marriage or long-anticipated retirement, Philippe Medawar encourages clients to live every day with joy and every evening with sparkle. A visionary who says, “Not all art hangs on walls,” Philippe Medawar is famous for his gravity-defying gem setting styles, his jewelry collection that honors the gift of motherhood and his minimalistic designs that are timeless in their appeal. Philippe Medawar Collections are a diverse, beautifully sculpted celebration of the individuals' élan who wear them.

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Philippe Medawar Custom Jewelry Collections
Jewelry Categories

Jewelry Categories

Miniature sculptures in noble metals set with glittering diamonds and colored gemstones, each creation has a unique allure and beauty. Philippe Medawar considers it an honor to provide symbols of beloved people and celebratory events that are remembered with each wearing. When purchasing jewelry from Philippe Medawar, the recipient's preferences and profession are considered so the gift is perfect in every way. Philippe Medawar staff will also help you choose jewelry to best complement colors and styles already in his/her wardrobe. Your jewelry collection is an investment that can bring joy while you wear it and to the next generation. Life is short, don’t wait to enjoy wearing your beautiful jewelry – every day is a gift worth celebrating!

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Jewelry Services

Philippe Medawar is a master jeweler who’s proud to be serving successive generations of his loyal clientele. Patrons enjoy the benefits of having a personal jeweler who will inspect, clean and service the item expertly and safely in-house. The dedicated team at Philippe Medawar will offer guidance on how to best care for your jewelry so its beauty will last.

Those needing jewelry repair and jewelry maintenance services may bring their item to Philippe Medawar’s in-house atelier at 5930 28th Street SE. For more detailed information regarding our jewelry services, including custom jewelry design and redesign, click below, or visit the knowledgeable staff at Philippe Medawar in Cascade.

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Jewelry Services
Gift Registry

Gift Registry

What if she doesn’t like it? What if it doesn’t fit him? What if I give her the same thing for Christmas two years in a row? Help!

Buying jewelry and watches can be confusing! Philippe Medawar Gift Registry makes the process easier. All you need to do is stop by Philippe Medawar at 5930 28th Street, SE in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and spend a few minutes with a knowledgeable staff member. Then, whenever you want to make a purchase, having your loved one’s personal information at your disposal removes stress and ensures the gift is perfect in every way.

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"Little did I know when I entered the building that I would find such exquisite jewelry, but more importantly such a kind, wonderful jeweler. Philippe thank you SO MUCH for helping me make my daughter’s wedding day as beautiful as your heart. She looked glorious."
"Thank you so very much for making my daughter’s day so special. She is such an inspiration to her family and friends. She had so much fun and was so proud of her bracelet showing it off. She is trying so hard to be brave and you had the perfect prize for her. Each day I pray that God will allow her to grow up. To lose her would be losing the most precious treasure on earth. I will never forget you and your generous act of kindness."
"Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on my pendant. Your attention to detail, expertise and empathy are much appreciated. I will admire and treasure it for the rest of my life!"
"Philippe Medawar is an amazing artist and gentleman. His staff is welcoming, eager to please your every needs, and creative when you are looking for a special gift. I thank the whole team for always providing our family with unique and cherished treasures year round!"
"Where do I possibly begin? “Thank you” is really the only thing I can think of. Your help in regards to finding and purchasing a ring was amazing. I walked into your store without much knowledge about diamonds or jewelry. You both were so kind in explaining all the different aspects and options, but the way in which you did it made me feel competent to make a decision. As if the knowledge and honesty weren’t enough, you were willing to work with me to get the most amazing ring in my price range. Thank you! Your sincerity this past weekend is so deeply appreciated. You were so helpful, kind, genuine, and generous to someone you had never met before. You both exemplify Christ in your overall demeanor…how refreshing to see Christ-centered people! Thank you for your amazing help in such an important decision. I absolutely love my choice. Thanks so much for helping me be able to get the most amazing ring for the most amazing girl."