Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring is an important milestone and Philippe Medawar considers it a privilege to provide expert guidance. What is her profession? What type and color of metal does she wear most often? Has she indicated which diamond shape she loves? Because Philippe Medawar is a custom jeweler, her exact preferences can become a reality, from setting and metal type to shape and color of diamond. Choose from a large sparkling selection of unique gold or platinum engagement rings at the 28th Street showroom or commission Philippe Medawar to create a one-of-a-kind ring to symbolize your one-of-a-kind love. Clients may call for an appointment to discuss options and investments. Philippe Medawar considers it a pleasure to help make your engagement dreams come true. 

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Philippe Medawar Custom Engagement Ring
Philippe Medawar Custom Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands

The wedding band represents the covenant promise to love, honor and cherish until death, a rare symbol commemorating the eternal bond of marriage. Discover a wide selection of wedding bands at Philippe Medawar's 28th Street showroom, perfect for the bride and groom to exchange on the happiest day of their lives. Philippe Medawar wedding bands are rendered in gold, platinum, cobalt or a combination of noble metals. For those in need of Custom Jewelry Design, Philippe Medawar will specially carve the wax so the new band will fit perfectly against the engagement ring. Consider the bride and groom’s profession before choosing a wedding band as certain gem setting styles and metals are safer and more durable for active lifestyles. Philippe Medawar wishes you joy as you embark on a new life together!

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Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material on earth. We can thank God for creating the sparkling mineral, diamond, and for the many ways it has benefitted humanity in diverse applications such as industry, music, technology and health sciences, to name a few. One of our favorite tangible expressions of the sparkling transmission of light is, of course, diamond jewelry! Whether one’s goal is glamour, romance or to symbolize an important milestone such as the marriage covenant, diamonds have become an integral part of our lives. Diamonds often say perfectly what we cannot adequately convey: “You have value... I care about you... Congratulations” and of course, “I love you.” Never before has the emission of dispersion and fire – the separating of white light into its spectral hues – spoken so loudly to us through its beautiful sparkle.

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Congratulations! Celebratory events, such as engagements and weddings, present us with so many meaningful gift-giving opportunities. Philippe Medawar has the perfect gift for everyone on your list… pearl and diamond jewelry for your beautiful bride, cufflinks for your handsome groom and gifts your faithful attendants will treasure forever as a memory of the special day you promised, “I do.”

Additionally, Philippe Medawar's sparkling showroom presents a wide selection of gifts perfect to commemorate any occasion, whether a birthday, significant anniversary, a loved one's retirement or a child's christening. 

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Gift Registry

What if she doesn’t like it? What if it doesn’t fit him? What if I end up like Michael Scott from "The Office" and spend three years’ wages on an engagement ring? Help!

Buying jewelry and watches can be confusing! Philippe Medawar Gift Registry makes the process easier. All you need to do is stop by Philippe Medawar at 5930 28th Street, SE in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and spend a few minutes with a knowledgeable staff member. Then, whenever you want to make a purchase, having your loved one’s personal information at your disposal removes stress and ensures the gift is perfect in every way.

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Philippe Medawar Gift Registry
"I cannot begin to express my gratitude for you sizing my engagement ring for me. It was the kindest gesture I have encountered in a while. I look forward to referring all of my friends and family to your business. I also am eager to purchase future jewelry from you. The world needs more people like you, such a kind soul!!"
—Grace & Troy
"Thank you so much for the ring – it is even more beautiful than before! At our ceremony, we handed off our rings to the guests in attendance. We asked them to hold them for a minute, and bless, impart good wishes or blessings over them before passing them along to the next person. We carry those positive energies with us within the rings as reminders of our true riches – those we love and who are part of our story. You are now part of that story. We will carry your generosity and cherish your role in gifting us with your friendship."
—Jenny and Duane
"My husband bought my engagement ring here. It is beautiful and sturdy. I know it will last a long time. But even after having it bought, we have been here twice--once to resize, and once to inquire about replacing a smaller diamond on the band. Both times, the service was free because of having bought the ring here! When we went for the diamond replacement, we were asked to wait for only about a half hour, while we were kindly entertained by staff conversation, and given hot, fresh coffee.
 My husband and I both highly recommend such wonderful service and care for customers."
"Thank you so much for making my engagement ring so special. We knew the ring would be beautiful, yet we were startled by the radiance of the diamonds once they were put in a proper setting. It is comforting knowing his grandmother’s diamonds will always be secure. I feel blessed to know such a talented and generous family."
"My experience at Philippe Medawar's is everything I hoped ring buying would be. My fiancé pointed out her favorite of the selection and then Mr. Medawar handcrafted the ring I'm proud to see my fiancé wear! Thank you Mr. Medawar and the Medawar Family!"