Philippe Medawar Collections

Some designers create for their own fulfillment as artists but Philippe Medawar takes pride in designing jewelry exclusively for his clients. Philippe Medawar Collections are the perfect accompaniment to one’s purposeful life. Whether journeying toward a crossroads like marriage or long-anticipated retirement, Philippe Medawar encourages clients to live every day with joy and every evening with sparkle. A visionary who says, “Not all art hangs on walls,” Philippe Medawar is famous for his gravity-defying gem setting styles, his jewelry collection that honors the gift of motherhood and his minimalistic designs that are timeless in their appeal. Philippe Medawar Collections are diverse, beautifully sculpted and celebrate the élan of the individuals who wear them.

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Philippe Medawar Custom Jewelry Collections

Client Commissions

Client CommissionsAn artisan with unparalleled dedication to quality, Philippe Medawar carefully weighs how each alluring gemstone can be best showcased with noble metals (such as karat gold and platinum) that best complement the wearer and their environment. Whether a surprise engagement, anniversary, birthday celebration or "just because," Philippe Medawar customizes each piece of jewelry so it will forever be a reminder of that special moment. 

A U.S. patent holder, Philippe Medawar is a brilliant inventor who crafts awe-inspiring jewelry. A newly widowed client commissioned a cross pendant that Philippe Medawar designed to encase her husband’s ashes within the cross. The treasured necklace was a comfort and Custom Engagement Ringreminder of the two most important people in her life: her Lord Jesus Christ and her husband. A diamond ring in the shape of The Eiffel Tower was a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that Philippe Medawar was commissioned to create, so the happy client could propose to his beloved in the shadow of la tour Eiffel in Paris.

When designing commissioned fine jewelry, the client’s profession, lifestyle and preferences are carefully considered so the design will be perfectly balanced aesthetically and functionally. The trademark black and white motif of the packaging signifies the contrast between aesthetics and functionality that is uniquely present in the Philippe Medawar brand. With a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary, Client Commissions are created with a world of inspiration uniquely for you. 

"My experience at Philippe Medawar's is everything I hoped ring buying would be. My fiancé pointed out her favorite of the selection and then Mr. Medawar handcrafted the ring I'm proud to see my fiancé wear!" -Zach


In-House Atelier

One of the rewards of having Philippe Medawar as your personal jeweler is that once you put your irreplaceable heirloom in his capable hands, you can be confident that your item is tenderly cared for in a state-of-the-art atelier. At the 28th Street location in Grand Rapids, Michigan – in a secure building that was formerly a bank – all jewelry services are performed expertly in house and are not shipped across town or abroad.

Philippe Medawar encourages clients to call (616) 949-1881 for an appointment at their convenience. Walk-ins are always welcome; however, appointments guarantee that time is reserved especially for you.

In-House Atelier
Custom Jewelry Design Concept to Completion

Concept to Completion

Whether an inspirational sketch on a cocktail napkin or the compilation of two or more elements from designs in Philippe Medawar’s glittering showroom, there are various approaches to Custom Jewelry Design. Some clients arrive confident with a particular design idea; whereas, others fully rely upon our expert guidance. All are welcome.

Once the design is selected, an intricate wax sculpture is carved from the sketch’s rendering. After this wax is approved, it undergoes a time-consuming process before being cast into noble metals, karat gold or platinum. A Philippe Medawar technician then oversees the delicate filing, polishing and finishing of the mounting, including setting gemstones, special metal finishes, enamels and gemological services.

Design Process

Setching a designThe hallmarks of a Philippe Medawar one-of-a-kind jewelry commission are harmony among organic elements, a unique aesthetic and expert artisanship, thereby fulfilling client need.

When designing commissioned fine jewelry, the client’s profession, lifestyle and preferences are carefully considered so that the design will be perfectly balanced aesthetically and functionally. Focusing solely on aesthetics is one sign of a selfish designer, says Philippe Medawar, because a jewelry item that is trendy but doesn’t fit a client’s profession or lifestyle is pointless. Philippe Medawar considers various criteria when designing jewelry for clients, whether he is designing for a surgeon who’s pulling gloves on and off all day or a mother who is caring for children. Clients who wear Philippe Medawar custom designs boast that they're as comfortable as they are beautiful. 

Crafting the designThe dedicated team at Philippe Medawar highly values our clients and considers it a privilege to provide one-of-a-kind jewelry to help commemorate one-of-a-kind milestones. Most jewelry stores today sell mass-produced, machine-made jewelry and are classified as jewelry merchants, not jewelers. Jewelry merchants sell jewelry, box it, collect payment and that’s the end of the transaction. At Philippe Medawar, a jewelry purchase is the beginning of a trusted relationship for generations to come. 

Clients are welcome to visit Philippe Medawar’s elegant showroom or make an appointment to discuss Jewelry Design Services, at their leisure. All Jewelry Design Services are performed at Philippe Medawar’s in-house, state-of-the-art atelier at 5930 28th Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 


Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material on earth. We thank God for creating the sparkling mineral, diamond, and for the many ways it has benefitted humanity in diverse applications such as: industry, music technology and health sciences, to name a few. One of our favorite tangible expressions of the sparkling transmission of light is, of course, diamond jewelry! Whether one’s goal is glamour, romance or to symbolize an important milestone such as the marriage covenant, diamonds have become an integral part of our lives. Diamonds often say perfectly what we cannot adequately convey: “You have value...I care about you...Congratulations” and “I love you.” The emission of dispersion and fire – the separating of white light into its spectral hues – speaks beautifully to us through the diamond's sparkle.

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Colored Gemstones

Colored Gemstones

The allure of colored gemstones has endured for centuries. They’re written about in The Bible, romanticized by poets and treasured by royalty. Colored gemstones express passionate love, personal style, family legacy and power. A rare commodity, colored gemstones are mined from remote locations with availability often contingent on the political climate of the region. To be classified as a gem, a mineral must be beautiful, durable and rare. Of the approximate 4000 minerals discovered, about 100 qualify as gems. Most colored gemstones have been treated or enhanced in some way before arriving in retail jewelry stores. Enhancements improve a gem’s appearance and durability. Reputable jewelers, like Philippe Medawar, disclose gemstone treatments and caution clients on the proper cleaning and care so their beauty lasts. 

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Gifted artisan, Philippe Medawar, has been crafting exquisite jewelry from noble metals, gold and platinum, for over 40 years. Noble metals are a group of metals that include platinum, rhodium, silver and gold that resist oxidation and corrosion when exposed to moisture.

In the jewelry design process, clients are advised to choose white gold, platinum, yellow gold or rose gold based on the gemstone color, personal preferences, lifestyle and profession. Whatever the metal choice, Philippe Medawar will handcraft a miniature work of art that will be treasured for generations.

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"The custom designed ring that you created for me is a beautiful expression of your generosity, kindness, love and personal care. Your artistry is a true God given gift and I’m so grateful to be wearing one of your originals! I absolutely LOVE my ring! Thanks again!"
"OH MY GOSH! HOLY STUNNING, BEYOND WORDS, DIAMOND RING!! Philippe, you have no idea what it meant to us to have that ring on our wedding day. I did not see it until our ceremony, until our minister asked, “what do you give as a symbol of your love?” I almost fainted; and so did our photographer LOL! This ring is truly, the most stunning and beautiful diamond ring I’ve EVER laid eyes on. Words cannot express my appreciation to you for one, taking this project on just 2 weeks before the big day, and two, that it turned out to be something BEYOND my wildest dreams and expectations!!! I cannot stop smiling when I look at it! I cannot believe that I have a ring like this on MY finger! Please also give my thanks to your beautiful wife. The diamonds in the band are just perfect! I am in love and have appreciation for your talent, time and hard word to make this happen."
"I wanted to surprise my wife for our 20th wedding anniversary with a custom designed ring that said, "I value you; you are precious to me; you are unique, creative and beautiful" to my wife. My wife's existing wedding ring already featured high-quality diamonds (purchased in the Caribbean) that we loved, but the design was uninspired-- typical retail jewelry. Philippe Medawar started with our existing ring, retaining its best diamonds and adding more of his own, and designed a one of a kind masterpiece (just as unique as my wife and nearly as beautiful). The finished custom-designed ring is flawless-- an absolute treasure. It is asymmetrical and unconventional, yet perfectly balanced. The stones float in the setting in a way that maximizes light and brilliance. I have no idea how Philippe accomplished this feat; it looks impossibly delicate, yet is sturdy and secure for every day wear. And Philippe's attention to detail is unrivaled. He designed the ring in such a way that every diamond is exposed to maximum light, and yet the setting is entirely smooth with no edges that will catch on clothing or risk jarring loose a stone. I cannot tell you how many breathless compliments my wife has received on this ring. I've never seen its equal.
Some visitors may stop in at Philippe's store in Cascade, MI, expecting to find a typical inventory of retail jewelry and to speak with a salesperson. Instead, in Philippe, you've found the rarest of gems -- a true craftsman, master jeweler and watchmaker who creates one of a kind works of art. And to top it off, Philippe is honest, trustworthy and generous with his clients. His work is amazing, and he consistently delights clients who he designs for.
When you want to commemorate a milestone with a gift that is truly unique and special, you should strongly consider meeting with Philippe Medawar to design a work of wearable art. He's the best."
"I brought my grandmother's engagement ring in. The ring was missing the setting and the stone also worn very thin. Mr. Medawar added my grandmother's birthstone which is a yellow citrine and my birthstone on each side which is diamond. I saw my ring and couldn't stop shaking it is so beautiful because he added my birthstone on each side of my grandmother's stone. Thank you for the wonderful creation you made for me. I will cherish my ring forever."
"The custom settings with the floating gem stones are by far the most beautiful settings I have ever seen, and there are no prongs to bend... so my wife never loses the diamond! Incredible selection of the most beautiful fine jewelry I've never seen, anywhere! I will go NO PLACE ELSE! From beautiful to exquisite, it's all under one roof."