Jewelry Care

The care of fine jewelry requires a little practice that, once learned, will become second nature. Your personal Jeweler should provide you with a basic knowledge of noble metals, gemstones, how jewelry should be safely worn, stored and cleaned. Philippe Medawar is committed to helping clients formulate a plan of how to care for each treasured jewelry item, which is vital to ensuring its beauty lasts.

Never fear, the jewelry experts at Philippe Medawar on 28th Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan, look forward to helping you learn what your jewelry needs so that it’s beauty will endure and it can be worn for many years to come.

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Jewelry Care Education
Watch Care Education

Watch Care

Our ancestors understood that high-grade watches are an asset in the future. Whether you’ve made a costly investment in a luxury timepiece or you’ve inherited a sentimental heirloom, it’s vital to maintain and care for it to ensure proper functioning for many years to come. With over 40 years experience servicing and restoring all types and brands of timepieces – wristwatches, pocketwatches and clocks – Philippe Medawar is a Swiss Watchmaker passionate about helping clients protect their investment.

For valuable care information regarding your timepiece, click below. Those clients with additional inquiries may call for an appointment or stop by the 28th Street showroom where Philippe Medawar staff will happily answer all your watch care concerns.

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Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material on planet earth. We can thank God for creating the sparkling mineral, diamond, and for the many ways it has benefitted humanity in diverse applications such as: industry, music technology and health sciences to name a few. One of our favorite tangible expressions of the sparkling transmission of light is, of course, diamond jewelry! Whether one’s goal is glamour, romance or to symbolize an important milestone such as the marriage covenant, diamonds have become an integral part of our lives. Diamonds often say perfectly what we cannot adequately convey: “You have value, I care about you, Congratulations, Let’s celebrate” and of course, “I love you.” Never before has the emission of dispersion and fire – the separating of white light into it’s spectral hues – spoken so loudly to us through it’s beautiful sparkle.

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Diamond Education
Colored Gemstone Education

Colored Gemstones

The allure of colored gemstones has endured for centuries. They’re written about in The Bible, romanticized by poets and treasured by royalty. Colored gemstones express passionate love, personal style, family legacy and power. A rare commodity, colored gemstones are mined from remote locations with availability often contingent on the political climate of the region. To be classified as a gem, a mineral must be beautiful, durable and rare. Of the approximate 4000 minerals discovered, about 100 qualify as gems. Most colored gemstones have been treated or enhanced in some way before arriving in retail jewelry stores. Purists might argue that cutting and polishing is an enhancement. Enhancements improve a gem’s appearance and durability. Philippe Medawar is a reputable jeweler that discloses gemstone treatments and cautions clients on how to clean and care for them so their beauty lasts. The fascinating world of colored gemstones awaits…

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Philippe Medawar is a gifted artisan who has been crafting exquisite jewelry from noble metals, gold and platinum, for over 40 years. The noble metals are a group of metals that resist oxidation and corrosion such as, iridium, platinum, rhodium and gold.

Clients will be advised, based on the color of gemstones, personal preferences, lifestyle and profession, whether to choose white gold, platinum, yellow gold or rose gold for their Philippe Medawar Jewelry Design item. Please note that Philippe Medawar does not work with stainless steel, sterling silver, tungsten or titanium.

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