Expert Service

"I just wanted to express how thankful I am for your extreme kindness and unparalleled service. I am amazed at the way you have treated me, the few times I have come in. It has been truly remarkable. I have never experienced the kind of customer service you have shown me. I know for sure that I will only go to you for anything jewelry-related. There simply isn't anyone else like you! Thanks so much!!!"
"Although this doesn’t have to do with jewelry, Philippe was so kind to my family when our car had broken down in his parking lot. He was helpful, caring, and made sure we were safe and taken care of during this stressful time on our trip. Because of this great kindness, I would recommend anyone to Medawar Jewelers, as this is a kind, honest business person to deal with. Thank you, Philippe!"
"Thank you very much for taking the time to fix my necklace for me. It was incredibly kind of you. I realize it’s not like a lot of the jewelry in your shop, but it does mean a lot to me. We are close by and will come to you for our future jewelry purchases!"
"I wanted you to know how much I appreciated you adding a ring guard to my antique ring the day you were actually closed! Such attention to detail…I’m impressed! You’re incredibly kind…Thank you."
"Had a fantastic first experience at Medawar's Fine Jewelers; Philippe took time and great care to restore a family heirloom ring. I was met with kindness and a detailed explanation of what it was going to take to restore and resize my ring. I was a bit nervous that my ring was not repairable, but Phillipe brought it back to life and his skill is impeccable! Although I had a somewhat inexpensive ring that required difficult repairs, I was happy to have received professional interactions throughout the entire process. I was also very impressed with the quick turn around time on sizing and repairing my ring, which needed to have new stones set into it....I highly recommend Phillippe and can't wait to visit again!"
"I must share a personal experience. I have worked with Philippe on a couple of projects, his work is truly amazing. Words could not describe his talent or the man. Here I was last week picking up a custom ring. While I was with him at the counter, Philippe was asked by a colleague to take a look at beautiful classic alarm clock an elderly woman brought in. He shared he was unable to get repair parts for the clock and apologized. The woman left the showroom quietly with her clock in hand. As he looked outside seeing her disparity, he excused himself again and went outside to meet her at her car window. He spoke with her in the cold for several minutes. He returned to the counter with that clock in hand. He explained how he has struggled making repairs to these clocks and had to give that part of his work up due to the time and frustrations. Yet here this man was with that clock. He acknowledged he didn't know what he could do, but he was going to make some calls. She was quite emotional, he said, it was a gift from her husband and meant a great deal. I ask you to consider giving your thought to a small, hometown business. Can you imagine being chased to your car by a business owner? What a beautiful experience I was grateful to witness. I just had to share.... way to go Philippe!"
"I want to thank you again for being so kind to me. It means so much to me and to my daughter that you repaired my Mother’s ring so that it may be passed on to my daughter at her wedding this Saturday. I’m really excited about her having it, and I know she’s going to be honored to wear it in her Grandmother’s memory. You have my deepest appreciation."
"I wanted to thank you for your kind generosity in securing my diamond ring both after closing time and without pay. What a warm and welcoming experience it was being treated like family without any significant history. When I return from Naples in the spring, I will bring in my ring so you can have the time to properly rebuild the prongs. Again, many thanks."
"When I came into your store to cash in on my gold, so I could buy tires for my car –
you did not know that my health is poor and that my husband had just asked for a divorce. You wrote a check for the amount for my tires – I could hardly hold back the tears until I got to my car. I had to let you know how grateful I am. I was very touched by your kindness. (I have new tires!) Thank you!"
"I can’t begin to thank you enough for all you’ve done to help me “fix” my wedding ring. From the moment I stepped into Medawar, I knew I was in good hands. You truly went above and beyond in considering my needs as well as giving me a beautiful piece to wear. I’ve already started recommending you to my friends and will continue repeating the Medawar name to everyone who compliments my ring. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
"Thank you so much for the kindness you bestowed on me! You need to know why this gesture meant so much to me, it’s likely more than you could imagine! When I entered your store last summer I was a mere three months out of an abusive relationship. Throughout this time I was abused emotionally, physically, and mentally.
When I walked in your store last summer I was in the throes of depression. It was a tumultuous time as well, for when one leaves an abusive relationship the abuse doesn’t end. I need you to understand it was difficult for me that day to be out. I wasn’t expecting kindness.
Your gesture not only allowed me to pass an heirloom down to my daughter, but I learned that genuine, kind people still exist in a world that had become to me cold and brutal. A simple thank you doesn’t adequately convey my appreciation, it is important to me that you understand the depths of my gratitude. Philippe, you restored my faith in human goodness. I walked in your store broken, overwhelmed, and discouraged. When I walked out, I left with the most precious gift of all; hope.
I want to thank you with all my heart, you were truly an angel. I’ve always believed in kindness for you never know the shoes a person walks in, and how such an act may affect them. I am proof. Thank you."
—Name Withheld
"Thank you so very much for repairing my ring. I’m certain it will be beautiful again. I also appreciate the phone calls explaining the prongs and the estimate. Everyone was so polite and made me feel like you cared for your customers. I will certainly recommend your jewelry shop to others. Mr. Medawar you were super kind. Thanks sincerely."
"Great customer service from a staff who is excellent at what they do! Thanks again!!!"
"Amazing staff and wonderful atmosphere. The people there are so friendly and the selection is fantastic. I love this place."
"I am so enjoying wearing the three items which you repaired for me recently: the three-strand fresh water pearl necklace for which you designed a new clasp, the new gold prongs for my 65-year-old diamond engagement ring, and resetting two loose pearls in a costume jewelry necklace. I also truly appreciate the good service. You have been most kind, thank you!"
"Thank you for blessing my husband and I by repairing my ring. My ring is a symbol of the outward love that we vowed to each other 13 years ago. Thank you for helping us renew this memory."
"I had to go in to Medawar’s to service my mother's diamond ring. Philippe was very knowledgeable and friendly, and made me feel like I was the only person in the store, even though it was a very busy time of day. I got the ring back after a few hours, and it was perfect! Will certainly be going there again every time."
"Thank you again for the beautiful way you made our ring look and for the professional way we have been treated. It looks beautiful in every light, but when the sun is bouncing off of it, the fire is incredible. Our confidence couldn’t be higher, nor could our trust, with anyone other than yourself. Thanks again."
—Paul & Mary
"Thanks for the great service on my watches and ring! Look forward to doing my jewelry purchases in the future. Thanks again."
"How can we say thank you adequately for your incredible generosity with the servicing of my wife’s watch and rings? Her diamonds are sparkling like new again, much to our enjoyment. Thank you for being such a blessing to us!"
"Just wanted to thank you again for fixing my gold earrings. I really appreciate your help and generosity. The earrings are perfect thanks to your creativity."
"I want to thank you so much for fixing my watch. It is working and now I will never be late to class ☺ I really appreciate your kindness and for sharing all about your store and your passion for jewelry. I’m so glad I stopped in. I really wish I could just propose to myself, just to get one of your engagement rings! Thank you again for your quality work and kindness."
"I took my wedding ring to Medawar Fine Jewelers for repair. The wedding band had cracked near where it was soldered to the engagement band. Medawar went above and beyond my expectations. They did a beautiful job with the repair and also buffed and polished out many of the pits and scratches that the ring had acquired over 11 years of wear. Both the gold and the metal shined. It really looked better than the day I bought it! Thank you, Medawar! 
While the service was a bit pricey, I will definitely return for future fine jewelry needs. The quality was well worth it."
"It is with humble gratitude that I write this letter of thanks to you on behalf of our Parish. Recently, one of our Parishioners brought you a group of Relics belonging to this Parish. The care and cleaning you provided for the Relics is very much appreciated. Your expert handling will allow these Relics to be displayed with the reverence they deserve. Thank you so much for handling this delicate task for us. You will be kindly remembered as we honor the Relics of these Blessed Saints in the years to come."
—Rev. Father A.
"I want to thank you for fixing my jade bracelet. I’m excited about being able to wear it again because it comes from my husband when he was in Vietnam. Thank you so much."
"Thank you so much for my beautiful ring soldering. It looks perfect! It put a smile on my face to see how beautiful it is. What a blessing! Thank you so much."
"Thanks for the clock repair…and the loaner! I think of your family every time I look at it!"
"Thank you so much for making my ring look so beautiful and shiny. Thanks for always being so thoughtful."
"Just a great thank you for fixing my ring! Looks and feels wonderful back on my hand."


"Thank you so much for the ring – it is even more beautiful than before! At our ceremony, we handed off our rings to the guests in attendance. We asked them to hold them for a minute, and bless, impart good wishes or blessings over them before passing them along to the next person. We carry those positive energies with us within the rings as reminders of our true riches – those we love and who are part of our story. You are now part of that story. We will carry your generosity and cherish your role in gifting us with your friendship."
—Jenny and Duane
"My experience at Philippe Medawar's is everything I hoped ring buying would be. My fiancé pointed out her favorite of the selection and then Mr. Medawar handcrafted the ring I'm proud to see my fiancé wear! Thank you Mr. Medawar and the Medawar Family!"
"On Wednesday April 16, the love of my life asked me to be his wife. He gifted me with the most beautiful and unique gift I had ever received. Thank you for putting your time and sweat into making this symbol so special for us!"
"I guess we should start by telling you that we are officially engaged as of Monday night! What an amazing feeling! Every part of this situation feels so perfect to the both of us, telling us that God’s hand is in every detail. The role you played in all of this was an absolute direct blessing of His. You only met one half of us once but went completely out of your way to help us obtain the perfect engagement ring. It’s the most beautiful, amazing thing either of us has ever seen. The unbelievable additions you made brought extra “wow” to something that couldn’t seem to be any better. We both love the diamond on the underside…what a thoughtful and unique touch! From the bottom of our collective heart, thank you! You helped make our engagement so special. You will forever be a part of our relationship.
P.S. Wow! The CD with the pictures was incredible! Loved to see the whole process...what an amazing gift…and thank you for the appraisal."
—Danielle & Joseph
"I had the pleasure of working with Philippe Medawar to design a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. From start to finish, I was treated with respect, courtesy, and professionalism. I am beyond happy with how the custom piece of jewelry turned out, and so is my fiancé :) 
I look forward to doing more business with Philippe in the future!"
"I would like to thank you for working with me in designing my wedding rings. It was difficult for me to visualize exactly what I was asking you to achieve, however, with your patience and understanding, I am immensely pleased with the final creation. I will definitely recommend you to my family, friends and colleagues."
"My husband bought my engagement ring here. It is beautiful and sturdy. I know it will last a long time. But even after having it bought, we have been here twice--once to resize, and once to inquire about replacing a smaller diamond on the band. Both times, the service was free because of having bought the ring here! When we went for the diamond replacement, we were asked to wait for only about a half hour, while we were kindly entertained by staff conversation, and given hot, fresh coffee.
 My husband and I both highly recommend such wonderful service and care for customers."
"Thank you so much for making my engagement ring so special. We knew the ring would be beautiful, yet we were startled by the radiance of the diamonds once they were put in a proper setting. It is comforting knowing his grandmother’s diamonds will always be secure. I feel blessed to know such a talented and generous family."
"I cannot begin to express my gratitude for you sizing my engagement ring for me. It was the kindest gesture I have encountered in a while. I look forward to referring all of my friends and family to your business. I also am eager to purchase future jewelry from you. The world needs more people like you, such a kind soul!!"
—Grace & Troy
"I wanted to thank you for your gift of soldering my engagement ring and wedding band together. We so appreciate your generosity and kindness and are grateful that the symbols of our love and marriage are better protected. God bless!"
—Ashley & Adam
"We wanted to thank you for helping us find the perfect wedding band for Heather. With all of the challenges with wedding planning, we are so grateful for all your kindness and generosity. We are looking forward to sharing pictures of the wedding with you!"
—Heather & Dan

Custom Jewelry Design

"I brought my grandmother's engagement ring in. The ring was missing the setting and the stone also worn very thin. Mr. Medawar added my grandmother's birthstone which is a yellow citrine and my birthstone on each side which is diamond. I saw my ring and couldn't stop shaking it is so beautiful because he added my birthstone on each side of my grandmother's stone. Thank you for the wonderful creation you made for me. I will cherish my ring forever."
"Best place EVER for custom jewelry and the best customer service."
"I wanted to surprise my wife for our 20th wedding anniversary with a custom designed ring that said, "I value you; you are precious to me; you are unique, creative and beautiful" to my wife. My wife's existing wedding ring already featured high-quality diamonds (purchased in the Caribbean) that we loved, but the design was uninspired-- typical retail jewelry. Philippe Medawar started with our existing ring, retaining its best diamonds and adding more of his own, and designed a one of a kind masterpiece (just as unique as my wife and nearly as beautiful). The finished custom-designed ring is flawless-- an absolute treasure. It is asymmetrical and unconventional, yet perfectly balanced. The stones float in the setting in a way that maximizes light and brilliance. I have no idea how Philippe accomplished this feat; it looks impossibly delicate, yet is sturdy and secure for every day wear. And Philippe's attention to detail is unrivaled. He designed the ring in such a way that every diamond is exposed to maximum light, and yet the setting is entirely smooth with no edges that will catch on clothing or risk jarring loose a stone. I cannot tell you how many breathless compliments my wife has received on this ring. I've never seen its equal.
Some visitors may stop in at Philippe's store in Cascade, MI, expecting to find a typical inventory of retail jewelry and to speak with a salesperson. Instead, in Philippe, you've found the rarest of gems -- a true craftsman, master jeweler and watchmaker who creates one of a kind works of art. And to top it off, Philippe is honest, trustworthy and generous with his clients. His work is amazing, and he consistently delights clients who he designs for.
When you want to commemorate a milestone with a gift that is truly unique and special, you should strongly consider meeting with Philippe Medawar to design a work of wearable art. He's the best."
"The custom settings with the floating gem stones are by far the most beautiful settings I have ever seen, and there are no prongs to bend... so my wife never loses the diamond! Incredible selection of the most beautiful fine jewelry I've never seen, anywhere! I will go NO PLACE ELSE! From beautiful to exquisite, it's all under one roof."
"My wife and I would like to thank you for the wonderful work of art and skill that went into designing and crafting our beautiful Golden Anniversary Cross. It was definitely a special day for us, but this jewel studded masterpiece, commemorating fifty years of marriage, was an unanticipated highlight. The jewels representing the months of our family members’ births was unique in many ways. I have always referred to my children as the family jewels. Their subsequent marriages brought us new children and new jewels. Then, of course, the grandchildren from those unions.
We look forward to many more blessings from our wonderful Lord, all of which we hope to be represented in jewels on or around this work of art. Please accept our profound thanks for the special investment in time and talent that went into the creation of our family cross. This cross represents a symbol of our faith. It is our prayer that the Lord has blessed you as he has blessed us. I do know he has given you both a wonderful talent. We will view that artistry every day as we observe our jeweled cross in our home. I hope to meet you one day when we travel to Grand Rapids to visit our children.
Until then, may God’s peace be with you."
—Frank & Jane
"OH MY GOSH! HOLY STUNNING, BEYOND WORDS, DIAMOND RING!! Philippe, you have no idea what it meant to us to have that ring on our wedding day. I did not see it until our ceremony, until our minister asked, “what do you give as a symbol of your love?” I almost fainted; and so did our photographer LOL! This ring is truly, the most stunning and beautiful diamond ring I’ve EVER laid eyes on. Words cannot express my appreciation to you for one, taking this project on just 2 weeks before the big day, and two, that it turned out to be something BEYOND my wildest dreams and expectations!!! I cannot stop smiling when I look at it! I cannot believe that I have a ring like this on MY finger! Please also give my thanks to your beautiful wife. The diamonds in the band are just perfect! I am in love and have appreciation for your talent, time and hard word to make this happen."
"The custom designed ring that you created for me is a beautiful expression of your generosity, kindness, love and personal care. Your artistry is a true God given gift and I’m so grateful to be wearing one of your originals! I absolutely LOVE my ring! Thanks again!"
"Philippe Medawar designed and created the most beautiful ring in the world! It's completely unique and magnificent. The quality of diamonds used and the craftsmanship are absolutely stunning. He's truly a visionary. I receive constant compliments on my ring’s unique style and setting."
"We cannot thank you enough for your exceptional service and help while we designed our wedding bands/pendant. The pieces were gorgeous, service outstanding, everything was finished ahead of schedule, and we were even allowed to take the beautiful pieces before paying! I am so, so happy we found you, and hope to bring you more in the future! Thank you again so much!"
—Kyle & Kevin
"Thank you so much for making my beautiful ring. I love that it includes my mother’s diamond and my original engagement diamond from 1966 in such a beautiful setting."
"How can I thank you enough for all your hard work to get my ring done in time for my wedding anniversary. What a truly wonderful surprise. My ring is exquisite! It has brought me much happiness. I LOVE it! Thank you again for your kindness."
"I have never been to such a lovely jewelry store as the Medawar Jewelers! The one of a kind jewelry pieces made by and designed by Philippe Medawar are outstanding in their uniqueness and quality! My favorite are the floating diamonds. Oh, and I must mention that the staff is very helpful and very kind! Thank you Medawar Jewelers for making my day!"
"First of all, it was a pleasure to meet you. I have to say it was a wonderful surprise for me. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get the beautiful ring that you are making for me. I will wear it with pride and will be proud to share my story with others as to how this ring was made, where it was made, and how my husband surprised me. Thank you again!! I hope to do business again with you in the future."


"Where do I possibly begin? “Thank you” is really the only thing I can think of. Your help in regards to finding and purchasing a ring was amazing. I walked into your store without much knowledge about diamonds or jewelry. You both were so kind in explaining all the different aspects and options, but the way in which you did it made me feel competent to make a decision. As if the knowledge and honesty weren’t enough, you were willing to work with me to get the most amazing ring in my price range. Thank you! Your sincerity this past weekend is so deeply appreciated. You were so helpful, kind, genuine, and generous to someone you had never met before. You both exemplify Christ in your overall demeanor…how refreshing to see Christ-centered people! Thank you for your amazing help in such an important decision. I absolutely love my choice. Thanks so much for helping me be able to get the most amazing ring for the most amazing girl."
"Little did I know when I entered the building that I would find such exquisite jewelry, but more importantly such a kind, wonderful jeweler. Philippe thank you SO MUCH for helping me make my daughter’s wedding day as beautiful as your heart. She looked glorious."
"I went in to Medawar Fine Jewelers to purchase a ring for myself, not sure what I was looking for. Phillipe very patiently helped me find something that was just right for me! A beautiful ring with aquamarine, my birthstone! Since then, I have been back in to have my wedding band repaired and cleaned, and the Medawar family and staff are always so kind and helpful! It's definitely my go-to jewelry store!"
"Thank you so much for your kind and caring approach in helping my husband select two beautiful emeralds for my earrings! I have not taken the earrings off since he gave them to me. I just cherish these exquisite gems, surrounded by my mother’s earring jackets! Thank you!"
—Merri Jo
"Thank you so very much for making my daughter’s day so special. She is such an inspiration to her family and friends. She had so much fun and was so proud of her bracelet showing it off. She is trying so hard to be brave and you had the perfect prize for her. Each day I pray that God will allow her to grow up. To lose her would be losing the most precious treasure on earth. I will never forget you and your generous act of kindness."
"Philippe Medawar is an amazing artist and gentleman. His staff is welcoming, eager to please your every needs, and creative when you are looking for a special gift. I thank the whole team for always providing our family with unique and cherished treasures year round!"
"A sincere thank you for doing such a beautiful job on my jewelry. My pendant is exquisite and fun to wear. Thank you again."
"Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on my pendant. Your attention to detail, expertise and empathy are much appreciated. I will admire and treasure it for the rest of my life!"


"An amazing professional - they restored my Rolex in a timely fashion and at a fair price - Philippe Medawar is a jeweler I trust!"
"I brought two Swiss Army watches for battery replacement. They did wonderful, prompt & professional work. I respect the integrity & honesty of their watch Master. I feel good about patronizing this store & would encourage you, dear review reader, to visit for yourself. I think you'll be pleased as well."
—C. Martin
"Thank you for assisting me with my Patek Philippe watch. After almost two years of owning this and I’m finally wearing it."
"I want to thank you again for your gesture of kindness replacing the battery in my late husband’s watch. My son wore the watch to a family gathering last weekend. He was so proud. Because he was 3 when his father was diagnosed, connections like the watch are very special. Thank you for helping me share that with him."
"My father and I decided getting my grandfather’s watch appraised was long overdue. We made our first and only stop at this location. We were treated with such kindness that our visit made us feel like we've known Philippe for years. He spent quality time educating us on my heirloom and assessing my current and future needs. His fine line of jewelry is rivaled only by his equally impressive services. Thank you for making my father and I feel right at home. You, your daughter and your staff's hospitality is what separates you from the rest. I look forward to getting my watch serviced with you!"
"Last May in anticipation of my son coming home from California, I noticed the watch he had given me for my birthday had a dead battery. I stopped in at Medawar’s on 28th Street to get a new battery. Philippe and his wife were most cordial and when they heard the story of my son coming, refused payment for the battery. I was very surprised by their kindness and promised I would be back."
"Thank you for the kindness you showed my father and I when fixing my watch yesterday. I am so appreciative that you were able to fix something that means so much to me. It was a pleasure meeting you!"
"I recently had my watch serviced by Philippe, and got the opportunity to watch him work. It was amazing to see the level of detail and knowledge that he has as a Master Swiss watchmaker, and the timepiece has been working perfectly since then. Thanks!"
"Thank you so very much for fixing my husband’s watch, and so quickly! It seems that you did extra work in order to save us the expense of another crown. We should pay you extra for the thorough work and fast service!!"
"I wanted to thank you for the beautiful work you did with my watch. I absolutely love the new band. It was the perfect choice! Thanks again!"
"Thank you so much for repairing my watch! I am so grateful. I am also grateful that you are a man with a heart for Christ. Your value for family and God is apparent. Thank you for being a God-focused family man- the world is in desperate need of those."
"I want to thank you and express my gratitude for fixing my M&Co. watch. I am very appreciative for the kindness that you have showed to us and we will be forever grateful for your professionalism."