Classic Wedding Bands

Classic Wedding Bands

An important symbol of the words “I do,” a promise to love and honor until death, the wedding band is a circle having no beginning or end. The wedding band is worn on the second finger of the left hand because ancients believed a vein connected this finger to the heart.

Philippe Medawar’s Classic Wedding Bands are a collection of platinum and gold bands with unique widths, shapes and finishes. If you’ve inherited a family engagement ring, Philippe Medawar can hand-carve a classic wedding band to fit perfectly against your heirloom. When choosing a wedding band, expert staff will advise you to consider preferences, profession and lifestyle so it won't be a danger or hindrance to everyday wear. 

Sport Wedding Bands

Regattas, horse shows, golf every Saturday morning… life can be busy! Those with especially active lifestyles may choose from Philippe Medawar’s Sport Wedding Band Collection.

Rendered in cobalt chrome and gold, these Carlex bands are designed to hold up during strenuous activities. Cobalt chrome is a durable alloy that has been utilized in the medical and dental industries for many years. In jewelry, cobalt is prized for its strength and high resistance to scratching. It is light grey in color, similar to the color of platinum or white gold, but will never need to be rhodium plated to achieve a prized “white” color. Cobalt is harder than platinum, silver and gold, is shatterproof and the perfect complement to those who are especially tough on jewelry. 

Sport Wedding Bands
Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamond Wedding Bands

A Philippe Medawar Diamond Wedding Band is as unique as your love for each other. Unlike most chain jewelry stores where the only choice is what sits in the showcase, at Philippe Medawar, the design, metal and diamond choices are yours! Philippe Medawar creates the perfect wedding band to add sparkle to your promise of a new life together by designing bands that are hand-carved specially to complement your personality while also fitting snugly against your engagement ring. Sculpted from platinum, gold and cobalt, mountings showcase glittering diamonds set in pavé, bead, channel, bezel and gypsy-settings.  

Whatever your choice, expert staff awaits to help so that your Philippe Medawar diamond wedding band will be almost as beautiful as the bride on her wedding day!

"My husband bought my engagement ring here. It is beautiful and sturdy. I know it will last a long time. But even after having it bought, we have been here twice--once to resize, and once to inquire about replacing a smaller diamond on the band. Both times, the service was free because of having bought the ring here! When we went for the diamond replacement, we were asked to wait for only about a half hour, while we were kindly entertained by staff conversation, and given hot, fresh coffee.
 My husband and I both highly recommend such wonderful service and care for customers."
"I had the pleasure of working with Philippe Medawar to design a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. From start to finish, I was treated with respect, courtesy, and professionalism. I am beyond happy with how the custom piece of jewelry turned out, and so is my fiancé :) 
I look forward to doing more business with Philippe in the future!"
"I guess we should start by telling you that we are officially engaged as of Monday night! What an amazing feeling! Every part of this situation feels so perfect to the both of us, telling us that God’s hand is in every detail. The role you played in all of this was an absolute direct blessing of His. You only met one half of us once but went completely out of your way to help us obtain the perfect engagement ring. It’s the most beautiful, amazing thing either of us has ever seen. The unbelievable additions you made brought extra “wow” to something that couldn’t seem to be any better. We both love the diamond on the underside…what a thoughtful and unique touch! From the bottom of our collective heart, thank you! You helped make our engagement so special. You will forever be a part of our relationship.
P.S. Wow! The CD with the pictures was incredible! Loved to see the whole process...what an amazing gift…and thank you for the appraisal."
—Danielle & Joseph
"Thank you so much for making my engagement ring so special. We knew the ring would be beautiful, yet we were startled by the radiance of the diamonds once they were put in a proper setting. It is comforting knowing his grandmother’s diamonds will always be secure. I feel blessed to know such a talented and generous family."
"Thank you so much for the ring – it is even more beautiful than before! At our ceremony, we handed off our rings to the guests in attendance. We asked them to hold them for a minute, and bless, impart good wishes or blessings over them before passing them along to the next person. We carry those positive energies with us within the rings as reminders of our true riches – those we love and who are part of our story. You are now part of that story. We will carry your generosity and cherish your role in gifting us with your friendship."
—Jenny and Duane