Have you had your car’s oil changed in the past year or two? Just as a car’s engine requires careful servicing for optimum performance, your delicate timepiece’s movement also requires expert care and maintenance. Swiss watchmaker, Philippe Medawar, reminds clients that watches need cleaning, oiling and adjusting (COA) periodically to ensure proper functioning and to protect the movement from potential damage and expensive repairs. The following tips will help you maintain a healthy watch and ensure you’re always on time…

  • When putting on your manually wound (wind-up) watch in the morning, wind it until it stops. If it is consistently wound at the same time each morning it will keep better time.
  • If your self-winding/automatic watch has stopped, wind it 10-20 times. Those clients whose activity level does not keep the self-winding movement running should wind their automatic watch every 1-2 days. If you’re not wearing your self-winding watch every day, wind it once a week.
  • Consider purchasing an electric watch-winder from Philippe Medawar for your self-winding/automatic watch. First, it’s more convenient and saves time when you reach for a watch and it’s already perfectly set. Second, it’s good for the health of your watch to keep the oil circulating throughout the movement.
  • Don’t leave your valuable timepiece in a dry environment, such as a safety deposit box, for an extended time. The heat and dry air will evaporate the oil on the jewels causing the gears to jam.
  • Old watch batteries leak acid wreaking havoc on the delicate movement; therefore, have the battery replaced every two years, even if it’s still keeping time.
  • Please note that a “water-resistant” watch is not “waterproof.” If you see condensation under the watch crystal, bring it to Philippe Medawar for immediate assistance so rust doesn’t form.
  • Cell phones, x-ray machines and other electronic devices may affect the accuracy of mechanical watches. Philippe Medawar will de-magnetize your watch and restore normal functioning to the movement.
  • Those living in warm environments may need to have their watch serviced more frequently than those living in cooler climates because heat evaporates oil on the movement.
  • Please, do not allow non-watchmakers to attempt repairs on your valuable watch. They can destroy delicate parts, scratch the movement, dent the watch case and sometimes cause irreparable damage. When clients bring in a watch in a plastic sandwich bag because its case has been bent and the back is off, it’s because someone unqualified had attempted a repair. Many watches require special equipment to remove the watch back and a compressor machine to get it back on.

Philippe Medawar will diagnose your watch’s unique needs and advise you of necessary parts and service to restore the timepiece to proper working condition. Watch care inquiries may be made at Philippe Medawar’s in-house atelier, 5930 28th Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Wear your watches with joy, as time is a gift of which there’s never enough!