All Philippe Medawar Jewelry Repair Services are performed expertly in house at 5930 28th Street SE Grand Rapids, MI, where your jewelry will be returned in a timely fashion

Jewelry Restoration

Though we live in a disposable culture where instant gratification rules the day, Philippe Medawar is the rare businessman who prefers restoring jewelry than the more profitable option of new jewelry replacement. Philippe Medawar believes that symbols of one’s treasured memories and the people they represent should not be neglected, but are worth the investment. For over 40 years, Philippe Medawar has been dedicated to the client’s best interest and considers it a privilege to restore damaged jewelry to its once sparkling splendor.

Whether a valued brooch from a bygone era or a wedding ring that hasn’t left the bride’s hand for fifty years, Philippe Medawar will expertly and gently restore the irreplaceable heirloom to its resplendent glory. Clients say that seeing a beloved jewelry item restored to its original beauty by Philippe Medawar, fifty years after first receiving it as a promise of a lifetime of devotion and love, is a beautiful emotional experience. 

Prong Retipping

Prong Retipping

This delicate, important procedure is essential to keeping diamonds and gemstones safe in their mountings. Items are inspected at Philippe Medawar's in-house atelier and a diagnosis is made as to which prong(s) needs servicing, whether prongs need re-tipping or re-building, if gemstones must be removed before servicing and which metal is preferred.

Some clients ask for alternative setting options for their prong-set jewelry and may consult with Philippe Medawar regarding our Jewelry Redesign Service. Those interested in learning more about Jewelry Redesign Services, click here. Clients are offered a free prong retipping estimate and the date their item will be ready.


Those needing jewelry sized may call for an appointment or stop by the 28th Street atelier for a free estimate. “Guesstimates” are not given, as there are many variants that affect sizing fees. For example, how an item is manufactured, its condition, how gemstones are set, whether a gemstone can take high heat or if it must be removed from the mounting (a mounting is a metal jewelry item, minus the gemstones) before repair, how much gold or platinum must be added to the ring’s shank (a shank is the metal part of the ring mounting that encircles the wearer’s finger), the complexity of extra chain links that are hand-made, special finishes, platings, engravings and enamels that would need replacing after repair, etc. Rings that can be sized will be made larger or smaller as needed and options given for those with arthritic knuckles. Necklaces, bracelets and chains that require sizing will have links removed or added so the item is balanced and fits comfortably. Clients are offered a free sizing estimate and the date their jewelry will be available for pick up.

Buffing, Polishing and Cleaning

Buffing, Polishing and Cleaning

It’s inevitable – jewelry metals get scratched as we wear them. Don’t worry, that’s in part why you have a personal jeweler. Those wishing to restore their jewelry to its once sparkling condition may call for an appointment or bring their item to our in-house atelier on 28th Street. Philippe Medawar will inspect the scratched jewelry item and after diagnosing condition issues, will determine whether the metal needs buffing, polishing and cleaning. If the item cannot be buffed, polished or cleaned without first having repair services, the client will be given a free repair estimate before proceeding. Certain gem setting styles, such as micro pavé-set diamonds, are inherently difficult to buff, polish and clean given the extremely small prongs (the diamonds can easily become dislodged and fall out). Clients are cautioned that it is safest to hand polish and carefully clean jewelry items set in this way. Those wishing to learn more about jewelry care and cleaning, click here. Clients are offered a free buffing, polishing and cleaning estimate and the time or date their jewelry will be available for pick up.

Ring Shank Replacing

When a ring is worn daily, certain areas of the mounting become especially worn. The base of the ring’s shank (the metal element that wraps around the finger) is particularly vulnerable. Antique and everyday rings that haven’t been properly maintained and rings that are mass-produced generally have thin shanks that can easily bend from normal wear. When a ring shank bends it can disrupt the stone settings loosening gems, be uncomfortable to wear, inhibit blood flow and can break open, cutting the finger. Don’t risk losing gemstones, injuring your delicate skin or losing your ring entirely. Philippe Medawar repairs rings in-house by either rebuilding or replacing ring shanks. Clients wishing to consult with the master jeweler may call for an appointment or stop by for a free estimate.

Pearl and Bead Stringing

Pearl Stringing

Please take into account pearls organic origins and that they require tender loving care. If you wear your pearls often, Philippe Medawar recommends that strands be restrung annually, which includes careful cleaning. The silk cord, on which your pearl necklace and bracelet are strung, attracts pollutants that adversely affect the strand’s beauty and durability. Having your pearls professionally cleaned and restrung annually is essential to helping it endure. Seemingly benign substances, such as hand lotion, can adversely affect the nacre coating, color, and luster of your delicate pearl. Professional pearl and bead stringing services are rendered at Philippe Medawar's in-house atelier by an expert jeweler who was trained and certified by GIA’s Jewelry Manufacturing Arts Department and has over 30 years of stringing experience. Clients may call for an appointment or drop by to have their pearl or other gemstone jewelry inspected and receive a free estimate for stringing services. Those interested in learning more about pearl care, click here.

Philippe Medawar’s care and commitment to providing state-of-the-art jewelry repair, restoration, redesign and maintenance techniques is a rarity today. Our staff sincerely values our loyal clients and welcomes inquiries regarding other jewelry repair services at our in-house atelier in Cascade. Appointments are encouraged for your convenience.