Care for your Precious Gems and Metals

All gemstones and metals are different in their beauty, and many require different care as well. Click any of the gems or metals below to learn more about how to best care for your jewelry to make it last a lifetime. There are also many helpful resoures at

Caring for Jewelry

Even more so than then the sum parts of jewelry, we more treasure the emotion our jewelry evokes. So that you can continue to enjoy its beauty and the fond memories it conveys, Philippe Medawar offers cleaning, wearing and storage guidelines to help you best care for your jewelry wardrobe.

How a jewelry item is manufactured, what metal is used, whether there are special metal finishes, enamels, plating… whether gemstones are treated, their inherent durability to normal wear and tear and stability in heat and daylight… is the jewelry item in disrepair or have there been sub-standard repairs in the past that must now be addressed? Overwhelmed? Don't be. The knowledgeable jewelry experts at Philippe Medawar are happy to discuss all of your jewelry care needs.


Wearing Jewelry

Philippe Medawar has the philosophy that everyday life is a special occasion and wants his clients to wear their jewelry with joy, accepting that the inevitable scratches, dents and yes, even chips are reminders of exotic destinations, celebratory affairs and laughter-filled events with family and friends. 

Wearing Fine Jewelry

With a few precautions, you can enjoy your jewelry for many years to come. Please consider some helpful questions we’ve compiled before wearing your fine jewelry:

Wearing Tips


Cleaning Jewelry

Does your jewelry item look not nearly as beautiful as it did years ago? It’s probably because it needs cleaning. Diamonds are naturally attracted to oil, which is why even a fingerprint can lessen its dazzling beauty. If you want your jewelry to sparkle as brilliantly as you do, bring it often to Philippe Medawar for professional cleaning. Having one’s jewelry professionally cleaned doesn’t only improve how it looks but also whether or not it will endure. Pollutants and seemingly benign chemicals we encounter every day (lotions, perfumes, hot tubs…) can damage and destroy some jewelry items and their gemstones.

Cleaning Tips


Storing Jewelry

It may seem like an unimportant afterthought, but how fine jewelry is stored not only affects one’s peace of mind, but the level of enjoyment your jewelry collection affords you based on how easily you can access items when dressing. We can all identify with the frustration of wasted time searching for the perfect earrings that are nowhere to be found. 

Storing Fine Jewelry

Also, how you care for your jewelry in storage is an important factor on whether or not your jewelry will endure. Philippe Medawar cautions clients to make properly storing jewelry a daily habit and it will soon become second nature. Your jewelry wardrobe is a cherished investment and Philippe Medawar advises you to use proper storage containers.

Storing Tips