Platinum is a standout among the noble metals because of its rarity, durability and purity. A luxurious addition to classic and contemporary jewelry collections, platinum is treasured for use in wedding rings because of its durability. Platinum is a pale grey (or white) metal that is malleable and especially strong. Though platinum can be easily scratched, it is tarnish resistant, which also makes it an excellent choice for jewelry worn every day. A platinum wedding ring is the perfect way to symbolize the purity of a bride and groom as in U.S. jewelry, platinum is 90-95% pure.


Before making a jewelry purchase please consider how you will wear the item. If you plan to wear the item daily and you have an active lifestyle, platinum is the perfect choice because it's most durable. How does the price of platinum compare to the price of gold? Because platinum is rarer, it is more expensive than gold and other noble metals. A bright “white” metal, platinum is the perfect choice when showcasing colorless diamonds. If your diamond is slightly yellow, brown or grey (not a fancy color diamond), consider choosing a yellow gold mounting because platinum will highlight the presence of color.

Please ask a staff member to check The Philippe Medawar Gift Registry for your loved one's metal preferences. You may know she loves white metal, but platinum is only one of many other white metal choices. 

When caring for platinum jewelry Philippe Medawar suggests considering the following tips:


Philippe Medawar Custom Platinum Ring

Platinum is a dense metal that feels weightier and more substantial, which may give the wearer a sense of security. If you’ve chosen an engagement ring style that features a high-profile diamond set in prongs, choose a platinum ring mounting or a platinum head (a metal element comprised of four or six metal wire prongs to secure a gemstone in place) on a gold mounting because platinum is more durable and may incur repairs less often. Setting platinum jewelry on hard surfaces, such as stone countertops, or tossing items carelessly into a purse will scratch platinum and gemstones.

For those with sensitive skin or those suffering from allergies, platinum is the perfect solution because it's hypoallergenic. If getting new ear piercings, you should wear platinum studs (earrings with posts and push backs) to help avoid desensitization to alloy metals, such as nickel, that are present in other jewelry and cause allergic reactions. To read more about wearing fine jewelry, click here.


Although stronger (will better withstand wear and tear) than gold, platinum is soft and will easily scratch, which is why platinum jewelry should be carefully stored.

  • Clasp platinum necklaces and bracelets before storing to prevent tangling. Specially designed rolled storage pads feature clips to hold necklaces and bracelets in place.
  • Platinum bangle bracelets may be stored flat in separate compartments or multiples may be stored on a soft, pillow-like roll with a protective case.
  • If you drop your platinum and diamond earrings into a jewelry box or drawer, Philippe Medawar cautions that diamond will scratch diamond and everything else, including the platinum mountings. All platinum and diamond jewelry should be stored independent from each other.
  • It’s helpful to store all similar jewelry items together so that when dressing you can better access desired styles. Soft-sided containers with separate compartments for each piece of platinum jewelry are recommended.

To learn more about safely storing fine jewelry, click here.


Those wishing to restore their platinum jewelry to sparkling condition may call for an appointment or bring their item to Philippe Medawar's in-house atelier in Cascade. Expert staff will inspect the item and after diagnosing condition issues, will determine if the metal needs buffing, polishing and cleaning. If the item cannot be buffed, polished or cleaned without first having repair services, the client will be given a free repair estimate before proceeding.

Each platinum jewelry item requires unique maintenance. Philippe Medawar considers the age, condition and special requirements of each piece of platinum jewelry before determining care and maintenance methods. Please inquire at Philippe Medawar how to best maintain platinum items in your collection or read more about jewelry maintenance here.


Cleaning jewelry with a soft bristled brush

Though platinum is a "strong" metal it is also “soft.” Do not clean your platinum jewelry with a hard bristle brush or abrasive ingredients such as salt, baking soda or toothpaste that will scratch the metal and gemstones.

Those wishing to clean jewelry at home can safely use mild soap with warm water and a soft bristle brush. Do not hold platinum jewelry under a running faucet as loose gemstones, or the item itself, may slip down the drain. Do entrust the cleaning of your platinum jewelry to the professionals at Philippe Medawar on 28th Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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