Brief Emerald History

Rough Emerald

Cleopatra wasn’t the only girl who’s passionate about emeralds! Egypt’s Cleopatra Emerald Mines were operated intermittently for 1700 years. Now Columbia provides approximately 60% of the world’s emeralds. Other emerald sources include Afghanistan, Brazil, Pakistan, Madagascar, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It’s not an easy task getting emeralds to the marketplace. Harsh climates, remote locations, political volatility and violence all factor in to emerald’s supply and price.

Ancients attributed many legends and power to emerald. Some believed it would improve memory and others thought it was an antidote to poison. Emerald is the green variety of the mineral, beryl. Aquamarine is another famous beryl, but emerald is the king. Speaking of kings, when trying to describe a vision of the heavenly throne of Almighty God, the apostle John said that a rainbow encircled the throne, resembling an emerald (Revelation 4).

The most valuable emeralds are a lush, bluish-green to vivid green in hue. Most emeralds today have been fracture-filled to improve color or clarity. The treatments are not permanent and require special care and cleaning.

Emerald Care

Your precious emerald should be handled with care – please avoid rough handling. If choosing emerald for an everyday ring, ask Philippe Medawar to design a mounting that protects the stone. Safer alternatives for emerald jewelry are earrings and necklaces because they are less prone to being knocked about.

Emerald Earrings

Easier to scratch than ruby or sapphire, emerald should be stored in a soft-sided compartment, away from other jewelry items. Please, do not store emerald in a bureau near a heat source because the heat may cause fractures. For additional information on jewelry storage, click here.

Do not wear an emerald ring when using chemicals. Because emerald should not be exposed to heat and chemicals, it should never be cleaned in an ultrasonic machine. Chemicals may have an adverse effect on fracture fillings. Also, protect emerald from an intense light source as fracture fillings may dry out or alter the appearance of your gem. It is usually safe to clean emerald in warm soapy water with a soft-bristled cosmetic brush. However, please avoid strong detergents and vigorous scrubbing.

As with all your fine jewelry, the experts at Philippe Medawar welcome inquiries regarding the care and cleaning of emerald. Celebrate new beginnings and commemorate true love with majestic green emerald jewelry from Philippe Medawar on 28th Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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