Ancients used cobalt to pigment jewelry a beautiful deep blue. Today, when used in a jewelry context, cobalt metal is a bright white alloy – similar to the color of platinum – called cobalt chrome. Cobalt chrome is four times harder than platinum, five times harder than gold and is therefore much more durable and scratch resistant. This alloy metal has also been used for medical and dental implants because of its durability. Cobalt chrome jewelry is also tarnish resistant, hypoallergenic and possesses the unusual combination of extreme strength with malleability, thereby allowing it to be fashioned into intricate jewelry designs. Philippe Medawar advises those with especially active lifestyles to consider cobalt chrome for everyday jewelry.

Cobalt and Gold Ring


If you love the color of platinum, but not the price, you may prefer cobalt. Unique properties of cobalt include its durability and that it's shatterproof, ideal for people especially hard on their jewelry.

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When caring for cobalt jewelry, Philippe Medawar suggests the following tips:


  • If you like the color of platinum jewelry but not the resulting patina after it’s worn and scratched, consider cobalt because it’s scratch resistant.
  • If you frequently bend rings out-of-round, try cobalt. Unlike a thin, soft gold ring, the shank of a cobalt ring won’t bend out of shape.
  • Though cobalt is hard, in case of an emergency, rings can still be cut off. Please be cautioned that cobalt rings cannot be cut off as easily as gold rings, though.
  • Cobalt jewelry is a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin or those suffering from allergies, as cobalt is hypoallergenic.


Storing Jewelry

Though cobalt jewelry is scratch resistant, please do not carelessly toss cobalt items into a drawer with other jewelry. Metal scratches metal and diamonds scratch everything, including themselves. Store cobalt jewelry in separate, soft-sided compartments apart from other jewelry items.

For those who would like to learn more about storing fine jewelry, click here.



If your cobalt jewelry needs maintenance services, please call Philippe Medawar for an appointment. Polishing and sizing services may be available at the 28th Street atelier in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please stop by or call for a free consultation.


Do not clean cobalt with a hard bristle brush or abrasive ingredients such as salt, baking soda or toothpaste that may scratch the metal and gemstones. Keep in mind that scratch resistant does not mean scratch "proof." Those wishing to clean cobalt jewelry at home can safely use mild soap with warm water and a soft bristle brush. Philippe Medawar cautions clients to not hold cobalt jewelry under a running faucet as loose gemstones, or the item itself, may slip down the drain. Do entrust the cleaning of your cobalt jewelry to the professionals at Philippe Medawar. For those wishing to learn more about cleaning jewelry, click here.

Care for your Precious Gems and Metals